Frequently asked questions

How do I create an account?

Right now we're working very hard behind-the-scenes to create one of the best Apps ever. You will be able to create an account within the next few months. Follow our social media pages for updated information on our launch date! Infact go hit "Subscribe" at the top of this page, fill in the form & we will give you 3 months of Echofide Premium for free!

Is my device supported?

We will be launching on iOS (Apple) devices only for the first 3-6 months. However... Stay tuned for updates on our Android app!

Is this age appropriate for my child?

We've got you covered, as you can select preferences to cater for your childs age group. 1. Go to "Home" screen 2. Click "Preferences" (The icon on the top right of the screen) 3. Scroll to "Content Controls" 4. Select a maximum age rating or allow all content 5. Save changes 6. DONE!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We're upset you want to leave us.. 1. Go to www.echofide.com 2. Login to your account 3. Go to "Account Settings" 4. Scroll to "My Plan" 5. Hit "Unsubscribe" 6. "Confirm" (or "Cancel") 7. DONE! Can we solve your problem or change your mind? Email us at Help@Echofide.com DM us at @Echofide / @ECHOMusicGlobal

Who can use Echofide?

Everyone! We cater for anyone that loves content whether that's music, podcasts, interviews or even make-up videos! All users can also earn money from just listening/watching content on Echofide. Even our universal Booking Cenre helps you find creatives to book but also helps creatives find listings (jobs) to apply for! We want to create the best network in the world!

How much is it per month?

Our plans are as followed: > Basic: Free > Premium: £9.99 > Multi: £14.99* *(Upto 4 Premium Accounts)

Does it cost to use the booking centre?

It's totally free to use and always will be. For successful bookings/offers we charge the following; Under £1,000: 7.5% to the booker 7.5% to the person being booked Between £1,000 - £10,000 6% to the booker 6% to the person being booked Over £10,000 5% to the booker 5% to the person being booked

How does the Echofide commission work?

Here's a few examples: 1. Tape London sends Drake a offer for £1,000 2. Drake accepts the £1,000 offer 3. Drake receives £925 (£1,000 - 7.5% Echofide Fees) 4. Tape London gets charged £1,075 (£1,000 + 7.5% Echofide Fees) 5. Transaction complete 1. Gary Vee sends Billie Eilish a offer for £150,000 2. Billie Eilish accepts the £150,000 offer 3. Billie receives £142,500 (£150,000 - 5% Echofide Fees) 4. Gary Vee gets charged £157,500 (£150,000 + 5% Echofide Fees) 5. Transaction complete Listings work in a similar way: 1. Stormzy creates a listing stating "Photographer needed for a shoot - £11,200" 2. Kaylum applies for it by sending an offer to do it for £10,000 3. Stormzy accepts his offer 4. Kaylum receives £9,400 (£10,000 - 6% Echofide Fees) 5. Stormzy is charged £10,600 (£10,000 + 6% Echofide Fees) 6. Transaction complete 1. Boxpark creates a listing "Rapper needed to perform tonight at live show - FREE" 2. Lil Croydon applies for it by sending a offer of £0.00/FREE 3. Boxpark accepts his offer/submission 4. Lil Croydon receives £0.00 (£0.00/FREE - 7.5% Echofide Fees) 5. Boxpark is charged £0.00 (£0.00/FREE + 7.5% Echofide Fees) 6. Transaction complete Just Remember: > Bookings/Offers under £1,000 (7.5% Fees) > Bookings/Offers between £1,000 - £100,000 (6% Fees) > Bookings/Offers over £100,000 (5% Fees)